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Dungeon Siege: Glitterdelve

You meet two traders - Badrus and Fretch - on the other side of the big gate, who want to trade things with you. That's nice. You head further and find Glitterdelve, and see an attack. Gloern meets you and decides to join you as you go into the mines.

A lot of this level is about blowing up barrels to find secret doors. Blow up any barrel you find to see if you can get through an area because of it. You also have lots of elevators to go up and down. This can be a royal pain when you can barely fit all of your party onto an elevator.

Fight fight, blow up blow up. Eventually you get to the end where there are a series of pits. In one of the pits is the guy you came to look for. He says "Thanks, see ya later, have this trinket". Great. Then you head out and now you're in the Frozen Tundra.

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