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Dungeon Siege: Jeriah the Trader

When you leave Merik behind (or take him on, if you really want to), you walk out into an outside area again. You don't have to go very far before you FINALLY find Jeriah the Trader, who you had kept seeing signs for. He's not a very friendly trader, but it is good to finally unload all of your stuff and to be able to buy new stuff. Stock up all your guys with the best you can.

Head through the woods a bit, and soon you'll get into some caves. There are crystals around, and Dark Lurkers (262hp), Teal Shards (114hp), Lectars (411hp) and so on. You'll hit a mana circle and a big fight - just hang out on the circle and take all comers.

If you go to the end, there's a dragon to kill. Now you head south, past a few trogs, and then you hit a stone bridge. There's a sign post there between Jeriah's Trading Post and the Dark Forest. You'll meet the Great Trog Warrior.

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