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Dungeon Siege: Dark Woods

The dark woods are ... dark. They're a royal pain to explore because of this. Just take the main roads for your first pass, get most of the monsters out where you can see them, then use the map view to sweep the edges to look for any others. There are foresty things in them, like forest trolls and forest klaws.

You'll hit a clearing with a bunch of traders. Norag tells you that Sikra was taken away by bandits. Talk to Rizuan for the quest to kill the Bandit Boss. Stock up on various supplies. You'll meet Phaedriel the archer who wants to join you, but she's only level 17 which you should be over by now. Head out.

By three barrels you'll see a side passage to the left. Head left along the stream area to kill the various monsters and get loot. It dead ends, so come back to the barrels again.

You'll meet Muong the Troll, and go along a narrow forest path. There will be hell boars and goracks (troll creatures). Then an enraged gorack will play with you in a clearing.

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