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Dungeon Siege: The Bandits

Deep in the dark woods you'll start meeting bandits. Take it slow! These guys are pretty nasty. Move your way in slowly, so you only work with a few of them at a time. You'll hit a clearing, again prep well with armor and such, and then go in slowly. There are a few boxes here to smash.

Next you'll come up to a big campfire with tons of bandits. Again, don't take the whole group on at once. Get your summoned characters, cast armor and strength and so on, then send in a scout to draw a few off. Kill those, get some more, and work your way through the entire group.

The southwest and northwest paths out both end up in the same spot again. The left route passes a health shrine, and the right one has lots of bandits. The place they meet has lots of bandits too. Go VERY slowly - they are deadly in large groups. If you continue north and west you'll hit a stone arch with the red-light bandit boss and more guys in a cave.

South goes out of the forest into the swamp. If you head back to the health shrine, just above it away from the path is another bandit base, this one an old church up on a hill. Again, send in lots of summoned monsters and work your way in to kill them. There's a blue-light guy in here to kill. When you've cleared the forest out, go back and sell everything before heading into the swamps.

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