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Dungeon Siege: The Swamp

After the dark forest, it's hugely nice to get out into the relative easy-to-seeness of the swamp. But it's HUGE and very very boring except the occasional walkway and island. So it's a ton of walking.

Stay to the lower right first. There's an Azurite Scholar on the right by a bridge. He says the temple must be purified and asks you to take an icon to put on the altar. This adds the "Purify the Temple" quest. You head out on the bridge, and pass a signpost pointing to the dark forest in one way and bonepicker's post in the other.

At this point, go further north - if you're facing the bridge go right. There's the Lost Witch tucked down this way, in a little garden area. She has 4 chests of goodies with her!

OK, back to the bridge. You go bridge - island - bridge - island (with an empty house) - bridge - little island - bridge - swamp witch.

You can roam all the lower swamp area to clear out monsters and gain levels, but save often and be cautious. Some can be nasty.

The swamp witches in particular summon swamp beasties to kill you. If you see a witch, kill it immediately so it doesn't summon a swarm of the creatures. So for this first swamp witch island, go around it first (counterclockwise) to clear out the random monsters so you're not fighting on multiple fronts. Then go in after the 3 witches and take them out. There's just a healing potion inside.

Now a bridge with a Hydrock (water dragon) near it, then a little island. This is the End of the Line. But wait, walk through the water to the nearby island that the broken bridge points at. You're now on the Shrine Island.

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