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Dungeon Siege: The Swamp: Purify the Temple

OK, you've just come to the shrine island - the first 'unattached' island in the bridge chain. It's got swamp witches on it. Do your normal kill-other-beasties, then take on the witches. There's a little house here without much.

Continue on the island. Clear out the little stuff. You'll run into Tretches (big trees). Fun fun. Now you come up to the graveyard.

Go very slowly in the graveyard because it's easy to be overwhelmed with swarms of monsters. Amongst all the new goo monsters is a red-light wretched zombie. Try to hold him until last so you're not fighting 80 trillion monsters at once. Once you do, your Purify Temple starts flashing. Doh. Go in to the temple, click on the altar, and a light streams in. This quest is now done.

Next, go down a really long bridge with a hydrack (water dragon). You'll hit a little shack with Andiomus, a level 24 nature mage. I'm too fond of Zed at this point to leave him behind, but you can take A if you want to. Another little bridge, another island. A troll shack on the next bridge, and another island with a witch shack.

Now you reach "Verma" with a sign that says "potions". This lady loves to speak in verse. This is near the end of the swamp level so sell up and stop back here to sell things that you get. It's time to start finishing off the clearing out of all monsters, to get you experience.

The next island has tons of monsters. Gobbot igniters are like flamethrowers, a sign of things to come. Don't enter the hollow tree until you have absolutely cleared out everything above ground. You'll find a health spot, and near it a sinkhole. Some of your guys will fall into the sinkhole, just search for the stairs down to send the rest of them into the underground (small) temple where a few bad guys are.

To head back to the start of the swamp from this area, head straight north and east pretty much. Once you're sure you've killed everything in the swamp, head into the tree hole.

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