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Dungeon Siege: The Tree Hole and Goblins

Is it just me, or is Chapter 4 lasting forever??

OK, now you're in a tree hole. Tons of goblins and nasties. Make sure you fought everything before this point, because you're going to need the experience.

First, there's a circle with two valves near it. Don't worry, both just control the elevator. Get everyone on the circle and twirl the valve in its center. You're going down. Now fight a bit, some oblins with heaters, some with just hand weapons. Move in, past a circle area with lots of robots. You hit a big valve which turns off the green gas. Keep going.

You cross a big bridge and hit doors. There are big tanks. A side passage to the left leads to the kitchens, nothing much interesting there. Keep going forward. Again, another side passage behind the building doesn't lead to much of anywhere.

Forward to more big tanks and tesla coils. You'll go through a door and hit a lever to turn a bridge to you. Move slowly to face enemies only a few at a time. There's a huge fight here, then a fan room with water flowing through it. Move forward. You'll reach another door.

The door on the left actually connects to a big room, which then connects around to the left side of that turning-bridge room. There is a MASSIVE FIGHT in this large room. Go very slowly through it. To the northeast is a little bridge to a door that has 3 chests behind it and nothing else. Fight your way through this room and over to the turning-bridge room, where you now go across to the 'right' of your initial entrance.

Yes, another BIG FIGHT. You get on a lift which slides sideways. At first, just slide to the end and then slide away quickly, using ranged attacks. When you get through most of them, land on the other side and fight. There's a doorway, and another giant fight. Turn off the gas here too. Fight around, and shoot down at the lower level monsters. Fight across, hit the valve on the left. Now go up another lift and shoot them from below.

Another door, another big fight. Another door, and a bridge. To the right are 3 chests and a dead end. To the left is the GIANT ROBOT OF DOOM.

The robot's really not that hard to kill. Just blast away. You get lots of loot when you do. Yup, the Warding Staff is here. Then it's a lift up and out. End of Chapter 4.

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