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Dungeon Siege: Missing Treasure Hunters

Right after the life shrine you follow the torches through the forest past a larch and infested larch (green glow) and find ruins, then Thayne in a house. He's the shopkeep. His friend Gregor in the house by the lake is looking for missing treasure hunters. New Quest.

Head west to another house. Go in its basement and break the wall to get into the dungeon. It's a long wet dungeon, then up some stairs. The next room on the right has a fall wall. Go in past a little waiting room to a machinery room and turn all 4 wheels. Then go back to the waiting room and pull the lever, then the second lever that appears. The wall will go away and you'll get lots of loot.

The treasure hunters are in the middle room. Not quite alive. Time to report back your findings.

Now go down into the water again and back up. You'll hit a rectangle room with 3 exits. The left is a dead end. You come out just west of the cellar-house. Go back to Gregor and get 35,000 gold for your news. Quest over.

Now head north of the shop. You find a sign - bonepicker's post south, Fortress Krost NE. You must be getting closer! You find wraiths including a red warrior wraith. Now you find the entrance to a ruins. You can also go northwest or northeast past it - both loop around and rejoin again. Be sure to do the rest of this "forest" are before going into the ruins.

Further past the ruins are a pair of drakes. Kill them. Also just to the west of here is a cave with darklings, and chest with goodies. This is all a dead end, so head back to the ruins now.

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