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Dungeon Siege: Facing Gresh

OK, you're on a closed map right now, with skeletons and such in it. It's relatively small and at one end over on the right is Gresh who is a big BOSS. So first, go every direction but the way the sign points. Kill all the other enemies in here to build up your strength - and also so if you have to retreat from Gresh you won't retreat into enemies.

Note the glowing red captain, and the little cave north of the sign that has a chest in it.

OK, when you're ready, head over to Gresh. You'll get a video about how he's been waiting for a good battle. Spikes will come up preventing you from running ahead (i.e. you can't progress without killing Gresh). OK, so run backwards! You've cleared out the area behind you, so it's safe. This way you only have to fight a few enemies at a time. When you're down to just Gresh, focus on him and blast him. When you do, the Fortress Quest is done.

You can go south up a narrow path to a destroyed outpost, and discover the bridge back the way you came has been destroyed. You can also go forwards a bit to some water, to a small sealed area. But really the only way to go is into the Fortress Kroth.

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