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Dungeon Siege: Subdue the Droog

OK, now you're out in the desert. Only one quest on your list! It's those droog. You start meeting droog, lizards and wasps. Lots of them. Go slowly so you don't get surrounded and swarmed. The level involves lots of stream crossing back and forth. Be sure to investigate both sides whenever you can!

You'll hit a chest to the right at the beginning, then a bridge with a mana shrine to its right. Then you come to a waterfall and run into Ulfgrim. He's a knight for hire, level 38.

You hit a sign that points to the Fortress Kroth back the way you came, and the Cliffs of Fire ahead. There's a life shrine to the east. Now you cross a suspension bridge. You'll meet a yellow Droog captain. Take an elevator up and hit a sign for Kroth and Cliffs of Fire. Go up to the stairs. Now you'll hit another sign for Kroth, Ebb and Cliffs of Fire.

To the left here is a little stone temple in the cliffs. Go through it, then head into the village. The villagers won't attack you. It turns out they're pretty peaceful! A few will resist, but not many. Meet Nonataya in the big house to end the quest and the chapter. He will let you shop there. He says the Seck seek a secret chamber in Ehb. He wants you to go to Ehb and warn them. On to the next chapter!

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