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Dungeon Siege: Journey to Castle Ehb

This quest really just means to go to the castle. No real quest involved. Firs tyou meet Crusader Goquua who is fighting some enemies. He's the one that gives you the dragon quest. Head on to find the sign for Cliffs of Fire (back) and Castle Ehb (forward). Fight ahead. Next you'll hit a sign for Ehb to the left, Rathe ahead. I'll talk about getting to Ehb here and what the Rathe fight is like in the next page. SO head towards Ehb. You go through some caves and fight the Ferocious Braak in yellow. You hit a room with bones, 2 drakes and some chests. Be sure to get the side room with 3 drakes.

You come out to grass and sun. Go south under the waterfall for some chests and a cave. You meet a purple giant skeleton stalker with chests. Clear it out and go back out.

You find a burned out dtown with a life shrine. Lord Bolinger, a melee 45 knight is there that wants to join you. You get a new quest from him, "Searh for the King". Go forward and you'll find a BIG sign for Ehb. Now you get to the stone bridge, and see a video of the castle. The journey quest is done.

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