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Dungeon Siege: Searh for the King

This is really just a giant castle crawl on many levels. It can get pretty tedious. Go through the first level and out the back of the banquet hall. Check the stables for loot. Now go up the wall.

Floor 2 has a chapel and throne room. Clear out this level then go behind the throne room and up the stairs on the roof. Now clear out the entire roof including above the entryway. You'll come down to a circular elevator just above the main courtyard area. Go down it.

A bit of fighting in the basement, and you'll find the King in the middle. He says our ancestors entombed commander Goth and bound them in the Vault of Eternity. You need the Chamber of Stars which holds the Imperial Relics. He gives you the Star Key to get the relics and tells you to Kill Goth. Neato! End of chapter and quest.

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