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Dungeon Siege: Vanquish the Seck

Really, this is the quest for the end of the game. But sure, you fight through them while getting to the Chamber of Stars and while getting to the Final Battle.

Right near the king is a sewer elevator to the northwest. There are just 3 guys down there to talk to. To the left are cells. to the right is Hein who is your VERY LAST shopkeeper. By now you've probably hit 10 million gold and can't pick up any more. Very annoying. Buy TONS of potions so at least you can pick up things easily.

Go forward. GO out onto the stone cave then back into a dungoen. You're in the torture room. Release Swamy from the cage (press button and break door) but he's insane and you have to kill him. The south area has rooms. Continue onwards. The door to the east is stuck. To the west, use the Star Key to open the Star Chamber.

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