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Dungeon Siege: Vanquish the Seck

Yup, back to Seck Vanquishing again. Go through the door which isn't stuck now. There are a few cells, with the last to the north. Now you're in red lava caves. You hit a big cave with a mouth to the north. Go over a stone bridge over cool lava. You hit a life shrine. Now a second stone bridge, and west. A BIG fight. A long stone bridge. Another BIG fight. Lure the guys to you in small groups so you can manage it.

You'll find a lava cave with pillars in it, then pathways in the lava. Another pillar area with a big fight. Now a Magma Beast with yellow light.

Now you're at the toothed bridges. Over one, 3 drakes. Now east. Another toothed bridge, forks south and west. Each fork has drakes and they meet up again. You run into a red molten steel drake. Now you go west over a tooth bridge.

VIDEO!! Torches light, guy on throne, and you're at the FINAL BATTLE. Prepare!

Gom #1 has 8710 hp and dies in a floating red light. But he's not dead yet! He comes back with 11800 hp and friends. Destroy him to complete the quest and the game!!

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