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Dungeon Siege: The Chicken Level!

The secret Chicken Level is available on multiplayer, when you do the "8 townstones" quest. Get all 8 stones and put them on the Hiroth Circle. You then get the Trial of Gallus book. It says:

Climb to the sky on the sunbaked mesa Give to the moon with the treble stones Place down the eye of the crystal temple Gift of the steel from a virgin hand The final piece within your grasp A leap of faith convenes his trial.

See the reference to the Fury's Eye? OK, so that's the first thing you need. You also need the very first knife you start with in a singleplayer game, that's the steel from a virgin hand. You already have the book that is the final piece, it's in your hand.

Now they talk about a sunbaked mesa. Go to Quillrabe, out of the town east and north. Ride up the elevator by the guard, head west, up another elevator, and you'll hit a wall that will reveal a new secret area!

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