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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough
Balmora: West/Left: Shop/Guild Area

The guilds and shops all west of river, up one level.

Meldor - armorer. not much to say. Down on bed is The Affairs of Wizards book. No bonus.

Ra'Viir - trader. Has cool weapons. Will buy narcotics.

Dorisa Darvel - bookseller. Lots of books. You can read them for free, just don't take them.
For my gods and emperor - no bonus.
mixed unit tactics vol1 - no bonus
Vivec and Mephala (upstairs on bed) (nb)
true nature of orcs (nb)
The Changed Ones (nb)
aedra and daedra (gods) (nb)
the wild elves (nb) on oblivion (about demons) (nb)
abcs for barbarians (nb)
the pig children (story) (nb)

The Fighter's Guild

Fasile Charascel - Scout. Tells rules - don't fight or thieve from guild members. Be honor and valorous. training: block, medium armor, long blade.

Wayn - Merchant. training - armorer 109, heavy armor 99, blunt weapon 99

Flacnia Amiulusus - downstairs. drillmaster. training: block, spear, athletics.

Hasphat Antabolis - drillmaster. training: block, athletics, hand to hand.

book on shelf - fighter's guild charter (nb).

Eydis Fire-Eye - top floor. If you join up, you're now XXXXX the Associate.

Fighter Job 1 - Cave Rats
Fighter Job 2 - Egg Mine

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Walkthrough

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