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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough
Pelagiad: The People of Pelagiad

Dralas Gilu - grey pointy ears. basic town info.

Kunthar - human. barbarian. Says Briring is a barbarian at the Skyrim mission in Ebonhart. He knows of and doesn't like Nels Llendo. Says he's at the Halfway. Angoril of Vulkhel Guard is the boss. Drelasa Ramothran is the publican of the Halfway Tradehouse.

guard captain (inside fort) - says can join imperial legion at fort darius in village of gnisis, to talk to general darius.

shadbak gra-burbug - merchant, tells about fines.

Ygfa - healer, back left of castle. She asks about you joining the Imperial Cult for 50gp. You must be noble and fight with blunt weapons and unarmored. Avoid bloodshed. I didn't join. She doesn't like drugs, so if you want to barter, drop first. Note that the room on the back right has an with Ordo Legionis book.

Uulernil - shopkeep on left when leaving castle. good armor and weapons.

Mebestian Ence - Shopkeep in next building on left. Tells about Nerevarine prophecy, Lord Nerevar is coming back to save Morrowind. Has clothes. Note that upstairs he has two GREAT books - one is the Alchemists Formulary Read Notes Online) and one is The Pilgrims Path. READ BOTH. The Pilgrims Path in particular updates your journal with locations of the plgrim stops. I wouldn't take them.

Murberius Harmevus - next house on left. He's a warrior with not much to say.

Imperial archer - on street says corprus is from fighting with diseased creatures and he thinks there's no cure.

Yakum Hairshashishi - Halfway Tavern. Dunmer. tells about thief's guild.

Samia - Halfway Tavern.fancy lady. sorcere. Not much

Ahnassi - Halfway Tavern. cat. monk. talks about thieves guild. Will train thieves.

nelos onmar - Halfway Tavern. dunmer. talks about thieves guild.

drelasa romothran - Halfway Tavern. barkeep. offers food and beds. won't talk about thieve's guild right now. says indoril and dres are two great houses with no holidngs on Vvardenfell. Tells of food items:
flin - boost strength willpower.
cryrodiilic brandy - willpower and endurance no side effects
greef strong but clumsy
mazte strong dull wit and judgement
shein - endurance lose intelligence
sujamma - elevated spirits diminised mental facilities
doesn't like skooma

ladia flarugrius - upstairs in Halfway Tavern. Ask about joining thieves guild - visit south wall cornerclub in balmora.

Hrordis - upstairs in Halfway Tavern in room. Doesn't want to talk.

nels llendo - Halfway Tavern. Doesn't talk much but does training:
short blade 48gp
security 48gp
sneak 244gp

Madres Navur - house by tavern. Says tribunal temple is at war with dissident priests. she's an acrobat. She has book - the black arrow part 1. get acrobatics skill for reading.

Adanja - cat in house away to right of town. nothing much to say. pilgrim

Farusca Salas - elf to left.

junal-lei - Argon. acrobat. Says dunmer waiting on Lord Nerevar for centuries. "The Incarnate". The temples strike them down and call them fakes. says Llevana Salaren at temple in Molag Mar is great acrobat.

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Walkthrough

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