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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Starting Story

You start out with a large, circular city which looks very much like the one in Elder Scrolls Oblivion. You see viera - bunny girls (Playboy, anyone?). It's interesting to note that in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance these viera were the only female characters to be found, except perhaps a shopkeep :) Back to the story, there is also bangaa - lizard guys and, of course, chocobos.

It's a lovely wedding ceremony, with a young blonde guy and a girl who looks quite a lot like Yuna from Final Fantasy X.

This wedding joy doesn't last long, though. Suddenly they are under attack. You see airships which look quite a lot from Star Wars - Episode One. You do have to wonder, if these guys have machine guns, why anybody would bother with swords any more. Did anybody see The Last Samurai?

The princeling is Lord Ressler. He heads off to do battle with the enemies. Unfortunately, after a battle, he's shot. A loyal soldier grabs his body and rescues him on a killer war Chocobo. Well, he tries anyway - the princeling dies, and the princess - named Ashe - is very sad.

The prince was from Nabradia, and the kingdom the princess lived in was Dalmasca. The enemy is Archadia.

The Knights of Dalmasca, defending their countryland, tried to take on the Archadians but failed. Finally Archadia laid out the surrender terms. Lord Raminas, the King of Dalmasca, decided to accept them. He headed over to the spot indicated by the Archadians to sign the agreement, leaving behind his royal city of Rabanastre.

Just then the remnants of the knights returned to Rabanastre and immediately headed out after the King, worried about what was going to happen.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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