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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

This incredible release came out in the US in late 2006, and immediately became a fan favorite. The characters, the graphics and the intriguing combat system were all quite fun! Try not to read ahead - watching the story unfold is half of the fun here.

What's neat is that this has a widescreen option!

WORD TO THE WISE - DO NOT RUSH. If you rush to get the storyline moving you are going to be VERY frustrated by the boss battles. I know some maps are big. Go slowly. Search every corner. Kill every monster twice. The more you gather licenses, and unlock every single square in the license map for each character, the easier all your battles will be. You'll get a ton of money this way (or things to sell for money) and have uber characters. It is really, really worth it to go slowly and get your characters strong.

Starting Story
Rekx - Young Soldier

Vaan the Rat Slayer
Finding a Sun Stone
Garamsythe Waterway
Rabanastre Palace
Escaping Rabanastre Palace
Nalbina Dungeons
Spiders and Power Strips
Desert to Rabanastre
A Quest for Dalan

Getting to Bhujerba
Lhusu Mines
Finding the Resistance
On the Ship
Red Alert!
Back at Bhujerba

Sandsea Desert
Circular Structures
Tomb of Raithwall

Side Quests
Marks / Monster Hunting
Moogles / Cartographers

Character Development
Character Listing

Item and Critter Listing
Basic Items
Monster Listing

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