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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Getting to Bhujerba

You get a cut scene of you four walking over to the ship. "This is the Strahl". It's a big grey ship with bronze accents and a rose colored main windshield. Vaan loves it. "You really are a sky pirate!" Balthier is amused. "Well, the headhunters seem to think so". You see a few Moogles leave - little rabbit dudes with wings and pom poms

You're keen and 'I'm coming Penelo'.

Cut over to Penelo locked up. "Balthier's bait must be fresh," says the bounty hunters. Penelo is petulant. "I barely even know who Balthier is!" The bounty hunters get in some good news. "The Strahl - she's set sail."

"We need Balthier alive - his corpse fetches but half the bounty." They talk about torturing him a bit, though.

In the city, a bunch of Imperial soldiers march by. Annoyed, the Captain prepares to do something about the guards but Balthier gently warns him "Easy ..." I love this game! These little moments are just SO well done. The guards give up. "No good, he's not here. Keep searching."

Balthier warns Basch, "You're a dead man don't forget it. And no names."

"Of course."

You all head out into the city. The Lhusa mines are up ahead.

"You're on your way to the mines?" says a person who I SWORE was a short woman, but of course it turns out to be a boy. What is it with this game and gender? In any case, he continues, "Then please allow me to accompany you. I've an errand to do there."

Balthier is suspicious. "What manner of errand?"

The boy stands up to this. "I might ask the same of you."

"Right, come on then."

Of course, Balthier is pretty sharp. "Do me a favor and stay where I can keep an eye on you."

When pressed as to his identity, the boy stammers and claims he's Lamont.

Dimbo-boy, a la Vaan, chimes in "You're in good hands. Right Basch?" So much for keeping his identity a secret!

You all head forward and run into a cartographer. He's selling maps of the city and of the mines. The mines map is 650. It's WELL worth it.

Head straight forward - the guards say the Marquis has closed this way. You have to take the very southern route to get across.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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