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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Lhusu Mines

At the entryway to the mines, you find Aekom who says work has stopped in the mines and that the Parivir are a guild of body guards. Head down the stairs. This mine is one of the richest veins in Ivalice. The boy explains that the Imperial army is not permitted in Bhujerba except a few exceptions.

When you go down the stairs you see an armored guy with grey haired guy down there. The armored dude asks, "You are diverting the purest of the magicite?" The grey haired one responds, "I can assure you it reaches Lord Vayne most discreetly."

The soldier chuckles. "You wear your saddle well." The grey haired guy isn't very happy with this. "I have no intention of being bridled your honor." Soldier fires right back, "Then you presfer the whip? Stubborness will see not only you broken your excellency but Bhujerba as well."

Apparently the grey haired guy is Halim Ondore IV, the Marques. He is somewhat less neutral now - he's been helping the resistance. Balthier is intrigued by how much the boy knows, but Vaan is impetuous as always and just wants to race to find Penelo. The boy asks who Penelo is and Vaan explains, "She's a friend. She was kidnapped and taken here"

You run into steelings and other easily killed enemies. Note that you have to "drop" a party member, darn!! I want to drop the guest but can't. I really like all the other characters a lot. I ended up not using Balthier. Now you are going to reach a NASTY fight in here so work your way SLOWLY and thoroughly through the mines to build up your levels and inventory of items.

About half way, you get a video of the boy looking at the ground. "This is what I came here to see."

"What's that?"

"It's nethicite, manufactuered nethicite. This absorbs magickal energy. It's made at the Draklor lab. So this is where they're getting the magicite."

The boy says his errand is done, but Balthier starts to push him for information. "So where did you hear this fairy tale and where did you get that sample. what do you know. who are you."

Just now, the bounty hunters show up. "You kept us waiting Balthier. Too long have I gone unpaid." Vaan quickly asks about Penelo and is told "why keep the bait when you've landed the fish." They let her go.

The boy bonks the bounty hunter and you all run.

OK PAUSE HERE!! This is your first rough situation. First, customize the gambits for all your characters so that they all heal each other, and so none of them fight. I set them to all fight only the person I target so I can control things. Now study the map. You are going to be running as fast as you can back the way you came to the entrance. You have to get to the room before the entrance. It's mostly straight lines with a few curvy parts.

This is going to be tough unless you properly were fighting a ton along the way and not "racing through" the various maps. Run fast. Don't fight. Stop only to cure when you must. Lamont has taken off. Finally you get to the room near the exit and they stop chasing you. Go more slowly now.

When you reach the exit "Lamont" is talking with the Marquis. He hooks up with Penelo and escorts her out. There's a cut scene where Penelo learns that Lamont is actually Vayne's younger brother, and very noble. He promises to protect her.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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