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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Finding the Resistance

OK this is odd, your task in town is to run around telling everyone you are the Captain! The trick here is that people stop believing you after a while so you have to do it quickly. Also, people in uniform will be so disbelieving that they will reset your influence count back to zero. So run from group to group, make sure nobody in uniform is there and press the square button. It only takes a few minutes (although it's annoying) to get this part done.

Now you are taken down to the resistance headquarters which is stereotypically located behind a tavern. Just like John Adams and Ben Franklin! They are pleased to see the Captain is still alive and arrange for him to meet up with the Marquis.

You're now free to roam the city and sell and buy things. When you're ready, talk to Bhujerban Sainikah by the armor shop. He says you have to wait until sunset. "Sir Basch von Ronsenberg". He explains that Amalia is captured and he needs help. Lord Larsa is going to Rabanastre already, with Penelo.

You see a big ship with smaller ships in a cut scene. The pirate realizes what's about to happen but there is no other course. The Captain allows you guys to be captured to be taken to Judge Ghis.

Consul Vayne is upset at having his hands tied in what he can do. The judge, Gabranath, says the rabble is well funded and Ondore is behind it. Vayne responds that Ondore must be reined in. He adds that he he got a letter - that the runaway is recaptured.

Doctor Cid shows up now to say that the council is plotting against Vayne. He dares them to try anything.

Now the party on the ship in chains. They go on a little transport ship to another big ship - the Dreadnought Leviathan. They're announced - "The prisoners my lord." Amalia is there and is quite surprised. "Majesty," says Basch humbly. She steps up and slaps him in the face. "After what you've done, how dare you." The Imperial guy explains that this is the late princess Ashelie B'nargian. He wants her to bring peace, but she says "I will not play puppet to Vayne."

The judge threatens to kill her. The Captain steps in - "King Raminas entrusted me with a task. He bade me give you something of great importance. It is your birthright - the dusk shard. Only I know where to find it." Suddenly Vaan has the stolen stone in his hand. The Judge demands it and after a nod from the pirate, Vaan hands it over, saying "You have to promise no executions."

The judge ponders, "Vayne Solidor, what fascination does this hold for you?"

The prisoners break free quickly, with the help of Vossler, the Wolverine guy. Apparently the Marquis helped out with this. You get a map of the ship.


Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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