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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
On the Ship

You're now on the ship with Vossler, the Wolverine soldier guy. Head through the door to the west block. Vossler talks to you - the red laser lights sense passengers.

Take the center path, right, left. If you go all the way south past the open room area, that nook gets red beams when you try to leave. odd. Go out the right hallway. Work your way east and south.

You find a bulkhead release. Note that it says you can't use this if the red lights are active - 'not during an alert'. Now you can go forward to the sub control room. On the map this is the northernmost room before the "swoop" over to the right to the right area.

The main console has a security station - you need an access key. You find another release down below. Get the chest to the right plus another hidden one back to the left of it.

Go back underneath where you came in for the airship berth access. Now go straight down the middle. You get a cut scene. You'll see 3 guards. Keifer says to take out the Judge. There are in fact 2 judges there. You get a congrautlations when kill them. You also get the No 1 brig key.

Go forward to the door on the right. C202 - you find the princess. What is it with princesses and being locked up by the evil empire?. Ashe joins you. Another cell has a save spot and systems access key. A fourth has moogles that will sell you things. Princess chick is whining about the traitor.

Now for the fun part.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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