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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Red Alert!

This part can be VERY hard and annoying. A key thing here is if you raced to this point too quickly and are not strong enough, that you have a LONG battle to a boss, and then the boss kills you in 2 seconds flat. I had to play around this area for 3-4 hours to build up my characters to the point where the boss battle became extremely easy. Take your time. Get your characters strong. It saves you a lot of angst later on.

Buy new gambits from the moogles and build up. The enemies will just keep coming which helps in your build up. Take out the mages first in any group battle. Save often. Turn off the sound - that blaring gets annoying very quickly.

When you're able to take out the incoming soldiers with little trouble at all, go around to the storage area. Now hang out here by the alarm turn off button and gather up all the loot. Go forward from here to the next hallway area and meet Panelo. You give her a hug. Ghis knows you've escaped, says the young lad. "You are Cpatain Azelas" he says to Wolverine. "You will follow me."

"You would let us leave?" asked Wolverine.

"Lady Ashe, you ought not to even to exist. We will see what unravels. This is our chance."

Vossler goes with the boy. Penelo joins you. The boy gives Penelo some manufactured nethicite.

I know this sucks but go BACK to the save crystal before you fight the boss battle. Just in case. Remember, you should only be doing this when it's easy for you to kill the continual stream of soldiers that come after you.

Now when you go forward you hit Judge Ghis. He wants to blas ther, but the nethicite saves the princess. "You know nothing of my father!" she cries in true whiney Luke-Skywalker-like fashion.

OK this fight SHOULD be easy if you've let your characters build up. Just bash away at the 3 soldiers and then at the judge. The level ends when he's not quite 100% dead. He takes off his mask. The others get Atamos, a skiff, to fly. Now the princess doesn't trust Ondore, but the two guys say that Ondore helped to free her. Wolverine wants Basch to protect the princess because he's got other stuff to do.

You land at the Bhujerba Aerodrome.


Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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