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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Back at Bhujerba

Note that once you go talk to the uncle, you're going to in essence be gone out of this town - so do all your buying first. When you're ready, head in.

Princess says, "Halim we are past all this." He claims, "It was vayne's idea to say you was dead, to drive a wedge between us." Awww, he is her uncle. She needs proof of her identity as a princess. He wants her to wait with him. The pirate wants to be paid. Actually, first, he wants food.

OK, the princess is in Balthier's ship now. She's going to get the dawn shard, she knows where it is. The pirate shows up. She'd give him the treasure in return for helping her. It's the treasure of King Raithwall. Soon Basch shows up. The whole crew is going.

Cut to ...

Back in the Imperial City of Archades, you have the Emperor on his throne and an armored soldier. The Emperor asks, "Doctor Cid does this at Draklor? "

"I have confirmed he gets funds from Lord Vayne. Judge Zecht is missing."

The emperor ponders from his throne. "I cannot see my own son's heart." He is very sick.

"My lord ..." says the armored soldier, worried.

"Who is to be my successor?" wonders the emperor. "The senate fears Vayne, and would prefer a young fledgling emperor." He turns to his soldier. "Gabrnath. Once in the past I laid seige to your homeland."

The soldier nods. "Landis is long gone. My allegiance is with the empire."

The emperor is unsure. "What of your brother? He fled to Dalmasca."

The soldier is resolute. "I follow his every move - he is an enemy of the empire. he will be cut down."

The emperor continues. "You would kill your brother for the Empire? Your ruthelssness is not without merit. It must not become this way with Lasra. You must ensure that it does not."

The soldier ponders this. "So you ask me to be his sword to strike where he might not?"

The emperor disagrees. "Rather be his shield. Keep your close watch on Vayne. His is the keenest blade of all."

The soldier nods his agreement. "My lord."

"Do this for me Gabranth. I could not bear to see my sons war with each other again."

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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