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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Character Listing

WARNING - this list is going to have information about characters that you don't learn until later in the story. Don't read this until the end, because a ton of the enjoyment of this story is watching things unfold.

Young 17 year old soldier who helps out Captain Basch during the fighting, trying to get to the King. He has a younger brother, Vaan. Rekx is shocked to realize that Basch killed the King, and dies shortly thereafter, a broken man.

Starting 2 years after the fight mentioned above, Vaan is now about 17 years old and very twerpy. His parents died 5 years ago from the plague and he grew up with Penelo, his blonde girlfriend.

Captain Basch
I love this character. He reminds me of Keifer Sutherland. Maybe hints of Auron in him too. He's a great soldier, very loyal, and he is tortured for years before he finally escapes. His full name is Sir Basch von Ronsenberg.

The Captain's best friend, Vossler looks like Wolverine and is also strong and loyal.

This sky pirate is being hunted by the green lizard bounty hunters. He likes to use a pistol. He is very cool and maybe a little flippant, but he is also incredibly intelligent and will put himself at risk to help others.

Fran is a bunny woman who rarely talks, but who is quite good with the bow and arrow. She stays loyally with Balthier.

This blonde pigtailed girl grew up with Vaan and her parents have passed away just as his did. She cares for him deeply.

Lord Vayne Solidor
The son of the Emperor, Vayne has been tasked with being Counsul to the conquered city of Rabanastre. He is Fabio-like in appearance with long dark hair and is very charismatic. He was able to get the city to cheer for him when he arrived with his speech. He has a younger brother.

The shopkeep in Rabanastran who watches over Vaan and Penelo and a few of the other orphans.

A wise old guy who lives down in lowtown and seems to enjoy sending you on random quests.

Amalia / Princess Ashelie B'nargian
Just like Princess Leia, you first encounter Amalia as a rebel actively fighting her evil Empire.

Marques Halim Ondore IV
Ruler of Bhujerba, he works with the Imperials in order to keep his city free. Sort of like Lando :)

Lamont / Lord Laras Solidor
Vayne's younger brother, he is first met on Bhujerba and takes a liking to Penelo. Looks suspiciously like a girl.

Speaking of girl-like boys, I could have sworn Kytes was a girl when I first saw him. This is the young friend of Vaan who helps him slay rats.

The armor-guy who hangs out with Vayne.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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