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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Vaan the Rat Slayer

I was SO happy up until this point, really enjoying the characters, the storyline, and liking the 'young but mature soldier in with experienced, wise men' experience. I was therefore REALLY unhappy to have all of those people killed off immediately and being downgraded to a twerp who was taking on rats. RATS!! What an ultimate stereotype. Not only that, but Vaan (younger brother of the slain young soldier) is accompanied by a gender-neutral pal, Kytes. It turns out Kytes is a guy, but you'd be hard pressed to know that up front :)

You're in the Royal City of Rabanastre. It's the year 706 Old Valendian - 2 years after fall. So Vaan is now probably 17, the same age his brother was during that fateful scene.

In traditional Star Wars dialogue, the Imperial Soldiers sound British :) Must be our built in American dislike of People in Power from Britain? Penelo is the blond pig tail girl, instantly obvious as the Love Interest for Vaan the Rat Slayer. And also in traditional game mechanics, you shortly are told that Migelo needs errands run. There are always errands. I wonder what we'll need to fetch.

You're in Rabanastre east end, and the stairs to lowtown are closed. There are a few random people to talk with. You learn that a new counsel is coming to town.

If you haven't had enough stereotypes yet, take a close look at Vaan. He's in a desert city. He's an orphan. He runs around stealing from people. He wears a vest. He's upbeat and wisecracking. He's Aladdin! Although he's blonde :)

So on to Migelo. He says that a courier with packages is missing with the food for the banquet. There are replacement goods at Sandsea. Kytes was sent - he's now missing. Migelo wants you to go get Kytes.

It's very simple, they're helping you to learn the map a bit. Shortly you find Kytes. You learn about a tomato-headed creature named a Rogue Tomato. Tomaj shows up - he's a thin guy with a scarf. He says that he'll pay to have this monster killed. When you go monster hunting, the monster you're hunting is the "mark". So for Rogue tomato you have to talk to petitioner first. That's him, so you're set. He gives you a clan primer. You then get an Orrachia armlet. You need a license to wear something.

This gets you into the whole license board discussion. The license board is like the sphere grid from Final Fantasy VIII. This lets you equip things and do actions. You need both a license and the object itself to actually use to equip it. As you fight you earn license points. So you own the Orrachea armlet and can now get a license for it.

Next you get a writ of transit. This will let you leave the city.

Now you get delivery task from bangaa. Show your writ and get through the gates as marked on the map. This is near eastgate - there's a save crystal here. Just outside the gate is the merchant for the delivery task. You give him the item and don't even get anything back.

Dalmasca Estersand - a sandy, deserty area with random cactus creatures and wolves. The tonato is easy to find at the edge of a peninsula. When you kill him half dead, he falls down to the lower area. now you have to run around to that lower area and chase him to finish him off. Avoid the tyro dinosaurs!

You see some lovely, rare galbana lilies - so what do you do?? You pick them?!?

Back to town - the gate is closed. They open it for the chocobo - apparently they're worth tens of thousands of gil. The chocobos trample your flowers. Luckily for you and your temper, you're saved by Migelo. Distraught, you run up the stairs.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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