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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Finding a Sun Stone

A handsome guy with long dark hair a la Fabio comes riding in on a hover car. This is Lord Vayne Solidor. He marches up to a throne area. Calmly, he asks them why they hate the empire. In a long, charismatic speech he says that King Raminas (the one killed in the opening sequence) loved his people and that they should all now treasure peace. Vayne gets everyone happy and cheering.

Apparently Vayne is the emperor's son. However, Archadia's emperor is chosen by the people so he's not "next in line" - he's just an official. He says he is a citizen of Rabanastre. He even tells Migelo, "call me Vayne." Vayne invites Migelo to join him for dinner.

You now can go to Lowtown, if only you can find it. Wait ... you grew up in this city and don't know where the stairs are? You can go into the gambit shop - they won't sell to you yet though. Go out the door and straight across the street - the door there is to the stairwell. Not well hidden!

There's a hide and seek game with kids on the left. You see some Seeq - piggy guys. They're from Tactics Advance. A little bit of walking and you hit Dalan's home. He's an elderly, wise guy. You want to know how to sneak into the palace. Dalan with his pink rabbit says there's a secret passageway and a magic stone, the crescent stone. He needs the power of the sun stone from the Giza Plains to make the crescent stone work.

Down here you find a Rabanastre crystal - now you can save or teleport. Head on out to the plains.

After a bit of walking you come across a nomad village with cocatrices in a pen. Dania is the girl here. She says the nomad elder knows about sunstones. The large black crystal behind him is a dark crystal. Masyua chats with you and says Jinn is missing - if you find him, you can have a sunstone. Yup, another question. And even better, Penelo is out here and she joins your party.

Camina says she saw the kid in the crystal glade. Note that you don't see "two people" running around now - somehow you've absorbed Penelo into your body :) You learn about gambits now. Gambits help you manage a battle, to indicate how people should act. Penelo gives you a few items before you begin your trip.

Head south on your map. You'll find potions and gil along the way, as well as a few critters to fight with. Soon you find Jinn - his leg is hurt. He only has a shadestone. Luckily, he gives it to you. Your task is to bring it near the shining ones. He sends you off to get the power up then return to him. Ther's a save crystal here.

Go around and fill up your shadestone. When you're done, the boy is pleased. You all run back to the village - it's an instant transition. You get more gil and potions and teleport stones. There's a moogle here, Nutsy, with a cartograhers guild. He sells you the Giza plains map.

Now head back into town. You can get into the clan hall, with Montlbanc as the ruler of the clan. You join the clan instantly. Now you can now shop at the clan shop. You get 3 potions. In no time at all Penelo is flirting with you and then abandoning you.

OK on to Dalan. Give him the sunstone. He tells you to go to storehouse five. There are 2 doors there. The one on the right is your territorial hunting grounds. The one on the left is garamsythe waterway. There's a stair which leads to the palace cellars. He tells you "the signet yearns for the sunstone's strength to light the clouded way". Find the signet tile. Give to it the sun's power. You get the crescent stone.

At this point you see a cut sceen in the waterway. It's Wolverine. "So far the imperials haven't noticed a thing." Along comes a pair of breasts. No seriously, they show her breasts but not her face. The princess?

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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