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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Garamsythe Waterway

Before you begin this section, get everything you need from storehouses. You will be away from Rabanastre for a LONG time after this point. When you're ready, go to the northern area of town and right to the entryway to lowtown.

Go around to the right to storehouse five. Kytes is down there. He says the door is now open. You get 2 potions and 4 phials of eye drops from him.

Go through into the Garamsythe Waterway. Your save crystal is immediately on the left. Save!! Go past it and up the stairs to the left. There are lots of rats. Make sure you kill everything you can, you'll want to build up your powers. I went around to the left. Keep going left and down. Work your way through to the Razorfin. Note that somehow can steal a rat pelt from a rat! Doesn't he notice?

There are also steeling - bats - to harass you.

In general go left, then all the way to right, then all the way back left, then north. Remember, the aim is NOT to race through. Go slowly and backtrack when you can to get more enemies. You want to build up your license pile and experience.

Finally you will get to the palace stairs. You're warned that this is a now or never thing.

You get a cut scene of a guy on a flying motorcycle. He's got a friend - a bunny girl. How cute!

You are now in the royal palace of Rabanastre, in the cellar stores. There's an urn with a map. Again, the save crystal warns to save on a new spot.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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