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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Escaping Rabanastre Palace

You spot some fallen insurgents on the left. Balthier explains that Vayne used himself as bait to draw in the insurgents and then killed them all. Go forward left for a map, then right.

Find and slay a gigantoad. Move along to the save crystal in the lower area of the map. Go down forward, and you see a young woman fighting. You tell her to jump down, and gentleman that you are, you catch her. You fight a few swordsmen and then things quiet down.

Although she looks JUST like the princess, she says she's Amalia. She also says shey'll stay with you for now. Note that she's a guest - she joins your party but can't be commanded.

Go forward. There's a big flan attack - work through one at a time. Finally you get a little victory song! I was missing those. There's phoenix down ahead left, and the path is ahead right.

Now you run into ghosts and garchimacera. If you get blinded, use eye drops to heal this. Soon you find another save spot by many rusted devices. Go through the door.

OK< boss time. This is a new fiery horse boss named firemane. I like to lure him into the water :). In any case if you actually took your time killing everything in the dungeons and building up your license abilities it shouldn't be too bad - just make sure you are curing and fighting equally. Soon he's slain and flies off.

A group of soldiers show up with vayne. This is one of those little movements in a cut scene that is just fantastic - Balthier holds back Amalia who wants to fight them. "Now's not the time," he says cooly. Penelo tries to rescue you, and Balthier gives her a bag.

A pair of green lizard guys argue over who was to kill Balthier. Apparently they're upset the Imperials got to him first.

Time for a flashback. Vaan is in a hospital room bringing the red flowers - Galbana lilies - to his weakened brother. Vaan wonders "The king. Did you - were you really a part of it?" His brother refuses to speak. Vaan tries again. "Even if even if you were, Captain Basch must have tricked you into it." Vaan lays down the lilies but the brother vanishes (i.e. indicating he had died). Vaan sees the ring left in his hand.

Vaan wakes up. You guys are in prison. Actually, you're in a dungeon. Fran is looking for a way out. These are the Nalbina Dungeons.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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