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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Nalbina Dungeons

There are lots of prisoners in these dungeons, as well as a save crystal. Go into the room with sunlight shining in. First there will be bodies falling from above. The guards are beating up on the prisoners and soon you're dragged into a pit. Your pirate pal joins you voluntarily. I really love this scene as he asks if you're ok, it is so cool but obviously concerned.

You beat the guards with fists, be sure to cure as you go. The prisoners are happy but the soldiers come in. They find the place empty, as you've hidden. The green lizard guys show up. Bunny girl says there's a way out via the oubliette but she senses the mist. Ba'gamnan is the leader of the lizard guys - they are bounty hunters, and he is feisty.

A "judge" shows up. These are the guardians of law and order in Archadia, the elite guard of house Solidor. They are the commanders of the Imperial army and more executioners than judges. So the question is, what are they doing here?

Apparently they have the Captain in solitary and are ready to begin interrogation. The bounty hunters are looking for a certain cocky sky pirate.

Go to the save spot - you conveniently find your stuff. There's a map of the dungeons here. Be sure to save. In essence you're following the evil guys to find a way out. Balthier says to tread lightly, but really it doesn't raise any alarm to kill the soldiers. Go forward and left. You'll see the marching group again. The enemy casts a spell to open a sealed door. In you go too.

You see a cage being raised up, with a prisoner inside it. The knight removes his helmet. "You have grown very thin, Basch. Less than a shadow, less than a man." Woo hoo, Basch is alive!! I love his character. I was so happy to see he was still alive :) Basch says he lives to silence Ondore. He says, why not ask Vayne himself. The soldier responds that they caught Amalia ... who could that be? He sneers, "such a faithful hound to cling to a fallen kingdom."

Soon you guys are in there alone with the prisoner. The pirate walks around. "I did not kill him" says the Captain. He asks you to let him out. You're upset about your brother. In a few moments, you all drop the cage.

When you all get up from the fall, you attack the poor weak Captain again. Pirate man sighs, "spare us your quiddities." Basch joins as a guest. You're now in the Barheim passage.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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