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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Spiders and Power Strips

OK, go down and save, and chat with Burrough the shopkeep. Buy and sell things to get ready. Go up to the very top for more money. Press the switch in the center of the pillar. Go back to the shopkeep and get a fuse from him. Now back to the pillar to put it in. Now down to the shopkeep and press the switch on his left. This uses up some of the power.

The key here is that in each room there will be a spider or two munching on power. You have to kill them before it gets dark. When you do, the power will return to the system. You don't have to run to a next room - the spiders don't start munching until you get into a room. So take your time and go slowly to rack up the points.

So in this nex troom, you see a spider munching. You can watch the light drop and the charge meter drop. Kill him, the another spider. Go throug the arch.

You'll meet glowing fiery bomb guys, kill them quickly before they explode. Go down the right train tunnel to get a spider, it's a dead end. Go back and go down the left side. At the next fork stay left to get another spider. When you can go back up a left passageway you get a map of barheim passage

Another spider is on the platform on the right. Go in this side door now. Go right and down for spiders here. When this is clear you can go up but it's a dead end. Head back to the train tracks.

Yup, another spider. Get it then go west into a side room. There are several spiders in here. Find the gate switchboard in the far end. The charge down to 51% now. There will be a loud sound from the south.

OK, back to the tracks and forward. In the next area, the mist seethes, reeks. Basch finds a sword. Finally! You, acting twerpy, call him a traitor. "So they say" says the pirate guy smoothly. I really love some of these interactions.

"My brother did" says you. "Rekx. They said he had a brother 2 years younger." says Keifer, my love.

"My brother is dead." says twerp. "I'm sorry," says Keif.

"It was you who killed him" insists twerp. "I give you my word that was not the way of it." says the man of my dreams.

You see a montage of what happened. Keifer and his soldiers arrive to find that the king is dead in this montage. The enemy soldiers grab and hold him.

The pirate is intrigued. "A twin brother, fancy that."

Twerp remains unconvinced. "I don't believe you!"

Keif is sad and honorably shoulders the blame. "It was my fault that Rekx was there. I am sorry."

Twerp is hostile. "My brother - he trusted you and lost everything. How can I believe you!"

Keif persists. "Not me then. Believe in your brother. He was a fine soldier. He fought to the last to protect his homeland. No, surely he fought to protect his brother."

Twerp can't take this any more. "You don't know anything!"

Pirate is prosaic about this. "Believe what you want to - whatever it takes to make you happy. What's done is done."

Use the save crystal

In the next room a mimic cruelly pretends to be a treasure chest. There's also a spider to the left. Now there's a suriander to attack. Soon you're in an outdoor area. In the next area you have to run past the skeletons to get through to the spider then take the skeletons out

There's another save spot. Boss warning! You get a giant angry mimic now, with lots of little ones. Take her down about 1/4 health then take out little batterie munching ones. Go back and forth. Use ether to renew your magic energy. It's not too tricky. You can turn down the battle speed if you have trouble managing this one. Finally you kill the queen, and everything collapses. The gate opens and you all run out.

Your group is at the Estersand. Keifer is resolute about returning to the city. "The people may hate me but that does not free me of my charge."

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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