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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Desert to Rabanastre

When you first come out, Shifty Seeq says his boss is inside the cave-in and that he has the key. I ignored him :) Head on out into the desert. Once again, you need to build yourself up to fight everything you can in each area. There will be lots of wolves and cockatrices. Move map by map.

As you move south, you find a Desert Wayfarer - a rest station. Dantro is there waiting for a replacement. You find glints around the camp for a few gil here and there. They'll let you rest for 100 gil.

Really go slow, build yourself up. Finally you get back to Rabanastre. There's a cut scene of you four walking in. "I thank you" says Captain Keifer and then he leaves. Awwwwwwwwwww!

You ask the pirate about the stone. He says you can keep it. Then he asks, "Are you offering it?"

You say, snarily, "It's mine!"

The pirate says cooly, "then why did you ask?"

No answer to that :) Twerp decides he wants to show the stone off to Pinelo. Save up the game and go northeast to Migelo's. Your little rat-hunting friend is there. Unfortunately Migelo and Penelo are both missing. You're pretty rude to your only friend and make it sound like his welcome doesn't count even though he was very enthusiastic.

OK errand time. Dalan has something needs doing.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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