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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
A Quest for Dalan

Head on to Dalan's home. It's in south area of Lowtown. When you get to Dalan, you show him the stone. He has an errand for you. Apparently Azelas needs a sword. This is a sword of the old order. Dalan puts a note on the map. He wants you to deliver this personally. You ask him to find out where Penelo is. As you leave, Dalan wonders, "Will it be enough to remind him of what the order once meant?"

Go along to the spot indicated. There seems only to be a random Rabanastran there, but Balzac is his name once you talk. You're allowed in.

"What of Ondor's proclamation?" You see guys arguing amongst themselves, including Wolverine, Captain Basch's friend. The Captain comes in. Apparently not everybody trusts him. "Our paths will remain separate," says Wolverine. Basch is sad at this. "Do you not think Amalia worth saving?" Wolverine gives Basch the sword.

You follow Captain Keifer. He asks you to take him to Balthier. Together you go towards the bar up on the main streets. You see some little kids and talk about the orphans. Vaan explains that a plague killed his parents five years ago. After that, Vaan lived with Penelo. He admits he knows it wasn't the captain's fault - it was the empire.

In you go. Head up the stairs. You find Migelo yelling at Balthier and Fran. Migelo says they've taken Penelo and left a note for Balthier. It says "Come to the Bhujera mines". Migelo insists that Balthier must go rescue her. Balthier points out that the Imperial fleet is massing at Bujaba. Ever the impetuous one, you say for them to fly you there. Captain says he'll go with you. Pirate-guy in his smooth way wonders if the Captain wants "an audience with the Marquis by chance." You offer Balthier the gem, and he and Fran wonder what the fates are up to.

Balthier says we all need to leave soon. He and bunny girl "leave" but join your party. You all clarify that you're heading to the Lhusu mines at Bhujerba, and that you're going based on a note from Ba'Gamnan. Balthier says to meet at the Aerodrome by the west gate when you're ready.

Go on a shopping spree then head west. You'll see Fran there - talk to her then walk in. Balthier is on the left just past the main gate. You get a "I'm sure" query and then you're off!

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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