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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Circular Structures

You're now in a desert. You're warned about traps which you can spot with Libra. Save here. There's a merchant. You're at the Ogir-Yensa sandsea. When you walk into the desert a little, you realize it's a really cool, watery desert as in the sand has waves and motions. It's really pretty to see.

This is going to be a HUGE map so don't stress about taking it all on at once. It will take you a while to search out all the corners. It's well worth it to build up your characters, getting as much money and licenses as you can. Go up into the buildings and down into the desert. Circle each one, killing all the enemies.

You learn that these are abandoned oil drilling platforms. The Rozarrians built them - this is an empire far to the west, at war with Arcadia. Arcadia and the Rozarrians don't care about the middle kingdoms they trample.

Vossler shows up. We should leave this place, says rabbit girl. "Sandstorm?" "Something far worse." Apparently the Urutan-yensa are coming. These are sort of like fremen from Dune riding in on sandworms, maybe crossed with Jawas from Star Wars a bit. Vossler joins you as a quest.

OK, down into the sand, up into the equipment, across bridges. Work your way around and through all the maps. When you're ready, start heading west. You'll get to a cave which marks the line for the Nam-Yensa sandsea. There's a save spot and moogle here. You hear that the urutan-yensa are in a panic about a giant turtle, their blood enemy. You in fact find such a turtle just around the corner, it's pretty easy to kill. Keep going west.

You start running into bagolys - large bird enemies. Keep going. You'll run into Dilah on a chocobo, who says Avion has a weakness that the urutan-yensa know about. Keep going west. You're warned to save. Always a bad sign.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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