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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough
Tomb of Raithwall

OK you've reached the tomb! Hurrah. As you approach it, a bird flies down. This is a boss - Garuda. If you've built up your characters along the way this is pretty easy. Just have lots of cures set in your gambits and attack in between. You wear him down.

When he dies, you see 'the ancient device stirs' ahead of you. This is a teleport spot. You hear that Raithwall had a huge alliance. He left three relics behind. The midlight shard went to house Nabradia. The dusk shard went to Dalmasca. The last was the dawn shard - this remained hidden here. Go back down the stairs to the shop, then go up the stairs. SAVE and then use the teleport spot.

You zap into the tomb. Set protect spells NOW. Head to the center path - the statue behind you wakes up. FLEE - this is a demon wall immmune to silence. It likes to blind and doom people. If you try to fight it, you'll only damage it maybe 1/5th of its health before it squashes you.

So flee and run down the hall. When you go through the door, you get another demon wall. However, you have better luck here. This one has a row of magic flames down the sides of the hall. Run towards the wall and fight him until he nears the first set of flames. When he's near it, touch the one on the right. It says "wakes it with the flames. follows it their shadow. ne'er straying. " It should temporarily stop the wall, giving you time to bash him. Then the wall will start up again. This time hit the flame on the right. The third time hit the one on the left. If at any time you get a "faster" response, run quickly to the opposite flame and hit it to slow the wall down. You should be able to kill the wall before the third flame if your characters are built up enough. Thank goodness - you can kill it before it kills you and adds your corpse to its collection.

There's another spot saying "with godscraft armed, guard we his tomb. diad stirred, come they, one unto the other."

When it's dead, go through the door. You now see a large inner area. There are 3 waystones and a map. The center waystone teleports back to the beginning. You can go back and forth. Go back and SAVE then return here. Left and right are both return trips for when you finish clearing the left and right areas on the map. It doesn't matter which way you go first.

I went right. There are two ways in to the right, take whichever you wish. They all lead to the same place. Your aim is to clear all the enemies to build your characters up, and to get to the far "center" room. When you get there, you find a Northfall Pendant. Touch it to lower half of the altar. You can now teleport back to the center of the main map. Big surprise!

OK, let's guess. Now you go left. Now you find a southfall pendant. These games love symmetry. Go backwards and SAVE before going forwards again.

You can now can go behind either pedestal into a new area with drifting lights.

Penelo is confused. "Fog? underground?"

"Not fog - mist," says bunny.

"You can see the mist with your eyes?" asks Penelo.

Bunny explains that says mist is dangerous but allows powerful magic to work.

It's time for Center Map Boss. This is Belias. He seems deceptively easy because he just bashes away at you - but halfway through he begins to cast a powerful flame spell. Repeatedly. Have handkerchiefs ready to get rid of oil.

You get the Esper when you kill him. They talk about this being the king's treasure. You can now command it. Go forward to the door. Down long stairs to a way stone. It says "by this, return ye to the hall of the destroyer. By other means, return ye back ot this place."

You can ignore that and go forward. You see a purple sphere. Vossler is worried. "We must go". She goes up to the sphere. "What?" she asks. She sees her dead husband. "Rasler ..." "You will be avenged." You get the dawn shard. That's it - go back to the waystone and use it. Yuo go all the way back to the beginning now.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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