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The Getaway Walkthrough

Talk about a nasty game to make a walkthrough for! On one hand it's easy. The game is VERY linear. You go out of one mission into the next. No choices. No special prizes to hunt for or weapons to track down. You're force fed the plot.

But on the other hand, half of just about every mission is a maddening driving part which involves you getting somewhere. Your CHARACTER knows how to get there, but YOU don't. And the only clues you have are flashing turn signals (when they are working) which give you a general idea of which way to go. But they're rarely giving you the best instructions and it's only after a few trial and error and you KNOW where it's trying to lead you that it makes enough sense. I'm still working on putting together maps of the missions. In the meantime, here is an on line map of London I'm using - http://www.worldweb.com/LondonMap.html - that has been very helpful.

I am still gathering all the pictures I took of key turns and notes of what happened when. The walkthrough is actually mostly done but I need to organize how to lay it out on line. This walkthrough was very much scribbled in haste! So ask in the forum if I don't have something up yet that you need.

The Basics of Driving and Fighting

Mark Hammond
01: The Frightener
02: Burning Bridges
03: Art Appreciation
04: Aiding and Abetting
05: Taxi for Mr. Chai
06: Out of the Frying Pan
07: Filthy Business
08: A Touch of Class
09: The Cowgirl and The Cash
10: A Cat In A Bag
11: The Prodigal Son
12: Aboard the Sol Vita

DC Carters
13: Bargain Basement
14: Show Some Remorse
15: Disturbance in Soho
16: Painting The Town Red
17: Escort Service
18: The Vigilante
19: Stalking McCormack
20: Do The World A Favour
21: The Jolson Files
22: Meet Mark Hammond
23: Showdown With Jake
24: Land of Hope and Glory

The Getaway on PS2 Review

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