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GTA IV Walkthrough
The Cousins Bellic

The intro to this game is very movie-like. You start with a large container ship - the Platypus - sailing in towards Liberty City. Nico is on the boat, talking with a friend. Apparently Nico has ridden on the ship for 7 months to come to meet up with his cousin, Roman. Roman has been writing him, telling him about his mansion and wild life.

Nico says, "when I got into trouble I thought maybe ..."

There are random shots of people on the boat washing diamonds in pots.

Nico talks about how he couldn't get a job and did some "dumb things".

The container ship begins offloading cars. As Nico walks out, a car comes racing up. "My cousin!" calls out Roman, who has been here for 10 years.

"To the mansion!"

As you get into the car, you get a prompt of "Roman's Taxi". You get this prompt any time you get into a vehicle.

You have control now. As you drive, Roman tells you that there's been a terrorist scare, and that explains why you can't go across the bridges in the city. It's night and very dark. On the map, the yellow spot is your next objective.

You learn a bit about driving - RB handbrake, X - headlights full beam and dimmed. When you get to Roman's apartment, Nico is less than impressed. "This is the mansion?" Roman claims it's just a temporary place. It's a pretty ratty apartment. In the background the radio is playing "White Winged Dove".

Nico had been in the merchant marines. Before then he did some bad things. Roman gets call from Vlad and has to run.

You earn 5g - off the boat

Now on the map you have a house symbol for the apartment. This is where you can save. Sleeping moves up the time + 6 hours and saves the game.

R is where to meet Roman. If you see "Hove Beach" that is your current location. You're told to go see Roman at his office.

If you want, use LB to watch TV. You can change channels on it! Use Y to save the game.

When you get back out into the real world, you're told about the health circle in the lower left. On this circle the left = health. right = body armor. Right now you're not wearing any :) A to run. tap A to sprint. Y to get in and out of a vehicle.

There is just great detail here - the light shining through bridge work, shadows, people talking on cell phones, newspaper boxes.

Wed 8:17 $25

Run along to get to the marker.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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