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GTA IV Walkthrough
It's Your Call

Mallory, Roman's girlfriend, is there in the office. Vlad comes in and starts to rag on Roman. Apparently Roman owes Vlad a fair amount of money. "I'll get you the money"

Now you have to drive Roman to a hardware store.

If you're curious, here is how they renamed the areas:
algonquin - Manhattan
broker = Brooklyn
dukes = Queens
bohan = South Bronx
alderney = New Jersey
little bottom left island - statue of liberty

Note that you can zoom in on the online mini-map

Roman is going to a gambling spot to earn some money.

Use LT - brake to corner

You get to the spot. Roman gives you a cell phone. says he owes money to Albanians. His contact info is now in the phone. He goes in to gamble, to "clean up". While he's in there, you look around with R directional

Listen to the radio - you hear that guns are illegal in the city

There's a call coming in - A to answer - B to reject. Roman is in there playing. Keep watching. Sure enough, the loan sharks show up. Use the up arrow to bring up the phone. Now use A to select the phone book - call him.

There are 2 guys going in. Roman runs out to you, you throw open the door for him. Now you have to get rid of the Albanians. Just drive fast towards the spot and you'll be set.

$55 + $30 it says, meaning your new total is $55 because you had +$30 come in.

With your new phone you can customize the ringtype and ringtone

Drive a little, then you get a R spot. Next you get a new text message from Roman. With these, if you press A right away you auto-read. He says he needs help at the depot quick. Note that an envelope below the radar means you have a pending text message.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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