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GTA IV Walkthrough
Three's a Crowd

Two guys come in to hurt Roman and you scare them off. Now Mallory needs a lift, with a friend. You need to go get them.

L and R on d pad changes stations. Get little icons for the stations you are listening to.
L to sound horn

Michelle is the other girl. Michelle likes you the way you are - Mallory wants you to dress up. Once you reach their destination, in they go. You get a Roman - thumbs up

You call Roman, and you're told to go buy yourself some new clothes. The first purchase is free. There are a variety of options - jeans, leather jackets, ski jackets, and more.

Once you go out of the shop - michelle +

Call Roman to chat. Now Michelle calls you - she wants you to pick her up.

Cute - a M heart flashes on your screen!

Roman calls and is panicked. You have to choose which one to go with.

We went with Michelle :)

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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