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GTA IV Walkthrough
First Date

This is a LONG loading screen so be patient. They talk all about how to build up relationships. You can go out to eat somewhere lovely like Burger Shot. I saw that and said "you're taking your girl on a first date THERE???" :) But they're just showing the choices. There are places like Perestroika for shows and comedy. How about a strip club?? Oh, lovely first date. Then it says they'll have special abilities if they like you enough. This ranges from guns to bombs to getting into places.

Again, it's a very long loading screen here.

Nico comments that everything in her apartment is brand new, including tags. She says she's obsessed with cleanliness. "Things get on my nerves and I throw them out." Well first, this bodes really poorly for anybody who is her boyfriend. And second, as if this isn't meaning she's an undercover cop in a brand new set-up "fake apartment"??? Subtle.

Nico tries to take her to a Fun Fair / Carnival. She says she likes to keep active - sports, working out. She hedges on what she does or why she doesn't have any friends here.

Note that because you're on a date with Michelle, you can't go to Roman any more.

Shoot - the carnival is closed. However, she spots bowling and she's happy. You start with 5 frame game for free. The bowling alley has "Evil Woman" playing - as if that isn't a sign!

L dir for position, A to choose ready, Y for score, LB to quit
R down then R up to angle shot
R left or right to give touch while the ball rolls

You win, she had fun, and you walk out to the car. She says she's married to her job and that she works with Mallory.

Now Michelle thumbs up. You now have her car. Roman calls you - you can choose to pick him up or not.

New note - Y to dive out of a moving car

Well, we didn't want to abandon our cousin. Grab Roman and then drop him off. If by now the music and GPS speech ard bugging you, you can turn down or off both in the audio menu.

The game tells you - go figure - to go home and watch TV. Exciting! What's next, paint drying?

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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