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GTA IV Walkthrough
Bleed Out

Roman needs help and calls on you to provide it. Drive over, go run around in the courts to find him.

First you have to beat up Bledar. It's time to learn how to fight. The basics are:

B punch
Y alt punch
X kick

When you look at an enemy, the inner circle is his health bar. Red indicates it is in fact an enemy.

A to block

The first one should go down in a few exchanges. He doesn't have to reach zero. Now you have to beat up Kalem.

tap A to dodge
B or Y for counter move

Once you take Kalem down, another guy shows up and runs off. You two run out to Roman's car with you driving. Chase Darden.

Hold B to focus on that car. Soon he gets out of his car and runs up stairs. Jump out of the car and go up after him. He just runs to a small room at the top of the stairs.

To disarm him, tap A to dodge then Y or B. It's pretty easy to grab the knife, then it is even easier to take him down with the knife in your hand. We did this even though we had only one red health left at this point.

Now you have to drive back to the depot.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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