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GTA IV Walkthrough

5g - off the boat (finish the first mission)
5g - fed the fish (kill off Vlad)
5g - warm coffee (super funny ;) It's when you first have sex with a girlfriend)
5g - lowest point (after Roman's apartment is burnt down)
5g - sightseer (ride in all six helicopter tours - press and hold Y to take the tour (vs breaking into the copter). You can 'skip' the tour while you're in it and still get credit for this.)
5g - it'll cost ya (take a taxi ride all the way from one island to the other without skipping)

10g - bellic cousins (get to the point of doing Roman taxi missions)
10g - one hundred and eighty - getting perfect 180 on darts (i.e. start with double 20, double 20, double 20)
10g - order fulfilled (after getting all 10 of Brucie's cars)
10g - pool shark (beat a friend at pool)
10g - courier service (do all 10 Jacob packages)
10g - gracefully taken (the stealing Grace mission)
10g - that special someone (finishing that named mission)
10g - chain reaction (explode 10 vehicles in 10 minutes - park a few cars on a bridge and wait for the cars to back up, then lob in some grenades)
15g - manhunt (complete the most wanted side missions)
15g - kind of QUB3D (high score in Tetris like game in bars)

20g - full exploration (after finishing Three Leaf Clover)
20g - impossible trinity (finishing Museum Piece)
20g - assassin's gred (finishing the 9 assassin missions)
20g - cleaned the mean streets (solving 20 crimes by going into a cop car and using the computer to find them)

30g - wheelie rider (go a long way on a wheelie, 500 feet)

40g - one man army (survive five minutes with six stars - best to do early, an easy way to trigger it early on is to grab a helicopter and fly to an island you shouldn't be on. Then if you fly somewhere far off and lurk there, you should be OK.)
40g - under the radar (fly a helicopter under every bridge)

50g - walk free (escape a four star level on foot - subway works well)
55g - half million (having an actual $500,000 in your pocket)

60g - you won! (completing the main story line)

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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