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GTA IV Walkthrough
The Characters

Nico Bellic
Was caught up in a war as a teenager, survived a harsh ambush, and got caught up in a life that he didn't enjoy. Now he is looking for a fresh start - and also for the person who betrayed his teen combat group.

Roman Bellic
Cousin to Nico, Roman is why Nico has come to Liberty City. Roman runs a cab company but likes to tell everyone he is a millionaire.

Roman's girlfriend, who was also cheating on Roman by seeing Vlad. Mallorie works at the cab company.

A self important loan shark who Roman owes a lot of money to. He almost boasts about cheating with Mallorie. Nico doesn't like him pretty much from the start.

Mallorie's mysterious friend whose apartment is brand-spanking-new even though she claims she's been in the city a while. She insinuates her way into dating Nico and immediately starts asking him all sorts of questions about the criminals and mafia.

Roman's internet friend who is a bit on the pumping-iron side. Brucie likes fast cars and hires you to go steal them for him.

An over the edge wild / angry Russian who gets you to start doing some jobs for him.

Mikhail's best friend who is calm where Mikhail is energized. Dimitri often tries to get Mikhail to slow down in his trigger-happy moods.

Little Jacob
A rastafarian who takes you on for some drug buy operations.

Mallorie's friend who is a reformed druggie who now wants to clean up the streets, while being videotaped.

Mallorie's drug-dealing friend who needs help with protection.

Playboy X
Elizabeta's drug-dealing friend who claims he is earning money so he can build parks and schools.

Playboy's partner from 20 years ago who has just gotten out of prison.

Officer Francis McReary
A local cop who works with Manny on keeping the streets clean. Unfortunately, Francis keeps getting caught doing not-so-good things and wants the evidence removed.

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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