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GTA IV Walkthrough
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Flying Rats
Flying Rats are, of course, pigeons. Go wandering around the streets and occasionally you'll see a pigeon. Shoot it or slay it in another way, and you'll get a message about "x/200" taken care of. That's a lot of flying rats for one city!

I really did think about marking the locations of all of them, but that seemed like a HUGE amount of work that nobody would really take advantage of. That being said, my boyfriend claims he will go through and do that once we are sure we have the main bulk of the game documented for you. So keep your eyes open! So far we've only spotted three in our random wanderings.

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

If you have any questions about the Grand Theft Auto IV universe, be sure to ask them in our forums! We provide all sorts of help with GTA IV gameplay questions.

GTAIV Walkthrough

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