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GTA IV Walkthrough
Bowling / Pool / Darts

When you go on dates, or hang out with friends, often they'll go with you to a bar to play a game. Here are the rules! Darts
My boyfriend actually plays on a dart team so this is easy. This is the standard game of 301. The aim is to hit points that total up to 301. You get 3 darts, then your opponent gets 3 darts, and so on. So if you begin and get 100 points total for your 3 darts, you are now down to 201. The trick is that your final throw must be a "double". So if you have 20 points left, you have to get a double 10 to end the game. Otherwise if you go over, your turn is over and it doesn't count. If you have an odd number left, like 21, then you have to throw a dart to get it to be even (like throwing a 1 for example) and then double-out.

The very outer ring is the double ring. So while the 20 area is the big area, if you get the outermost wedge of the 20, that is double-20, or 40.

Pool is based on stripes and solids. Someone "breaks" - scattering the balls all over the place. The first person to sink a ball gets to choose which they want to be - stripes or solids. Then you sink all of your ball before your opponent sinks all of his balls. You have to hit the white ball first - i.e. you can't just hit any ball with your stick. You have to hit a white ball, and cause that white ball to go into another ball to get it into a pocket. The 8 ball (the black ball) has to go in last.

You get to keep going until you fail to sink a ball with your hit.

The simplest of the sports. You get 2 balls per turn. Your aim is to try to knock down all the pins with your bowl. If you do that in one ball, that is a strike. If you take 2 balls to do it, it is a spare.

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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