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GTA IV Walkthrough
Union Drive

Bernie is all upset, he's in real trouble. Bryce is getting blackmailed about his relationship. He's working on information about Darko. You're going to warn the bastards off.

You need a big, awful intimidating car. There's a Turismo down the street. Not very big or awful! It's fast, though. Bernie prattles on about love. He doesn't know who is behidn the blackmailing. They're not even meeting with the real blackmailers, just a go-between.

Drive up to teh abandoned corner. You two get out of the car. A fast black car speeds up with two punks in it. They want to see Bryce. "Dimitri Rascolov only asks once - your lover's career is over." You have to take them out. Chase after them down teh busy street. You can try to shoot them down while you are chasing them - of you can just chase them and stay alive.

They're basically going around the outside edge of the island. You hear about Bryce's wife and her desire for mink coats. You can just take the surface roads if you want, it's much less hassle and gets you at the ending location just as well. You can stay parallel in a much easier manner. Down at the bottom of the island they come back "in" to the surface roads.

They stop at a park on the western side of the island, at the "bump out" in the lower left side. You leave Bernie inside the car. Go out with the rifle and take them out without much fuss.

Back to Bernie - he thanks you. You have to take him back to his apartment. You talk about Bryce preaching homosexuality is evil - that he's a hypocrite.


Dimitri calls after this and you tell him to stop blackmailing people. He wants to work with you - you refuse.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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