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GTA IV Walkthrough
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Around this time you hear from Roman that he's going to get married to Mallorie :)

Bernie is all happy, he wants to have some fun with you. He says you are stressed. You try to take off. He wants you on the boat trip. You are "borrowing" Bryce's boat. You drive on over to Firefly Island.

Go to the marked spot and drop anchor. You can be in any direction - you are auto-faced when the next part starts up.

Soon a red boat shows up with three Russians. They're from Dimitri. You now have to chase them and take them out. Be careful about going through piers - you can flip the boat and have to restart. You have to get on land to restart, too!

Just sort of approximately follow them - you don't have to stay right on their tail. There's a stunt jump along the way (1/50).

The police start chasing them - and the police get exploded. The bad guys make landfall by a dock and go off on foot. Hop off the boat and go after them. Bernie stays behind - "he still has his sea legs". The bad guys have red dots over them and are all separate so it's just a matter of going up to each one and shooting them out.

Go back to meet up with Bernie. He calls you a noble hero.


GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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