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GTA IV Walkthrough
Search and Delete

Brucie has to kill some people who are in hiding. Actually it turns out it's just one person he's after.

First, you have to steal police car. If you call 911 - they send you a car! Note it won't stop - you have to block the street, then try "Y" to harass them. Run from the car so they chase you, then run back to it and hop in. Alternatively, go to the police station, break into one there, then lose the stars.

Once you get the car to safety, pull over. Brucie calls you. You need to search for Lyle Rivas.

LB - search police records
by name - "Lyle" is enough.
find him - then A to locate him on your radar

So far it's been straightforward. You're about to hit the nasty party. Drive to the house. Face the car "right" as you look at his house. Then go in and get ready to run.

When he runs out he's going to drive right, then your second left onto the main street, then right onto the highway. At some point he crosses right onto the "correct side" of the highway, through a narrow gap. He does a squiggle to get onto a new stretch of highway at some point, then a U turn of sorts onto a metal bridge with a log truck.

Your whole time here, just chase him. Don't bother trying to shoot him as it rarely works.

After the log truck bridge, he gets out on foot - run after him. Chase him and slash at him with the knife. Down he goes!

$3,500 brucie +

What's funny is at this point we were running from the police. Even so, Nico stops to make a phone call in to Brucie.

Note that I did try the old "stack the street with cars" technique to block him in - but when you come out, only the last car you touched is still there waiting for you. So make sure your one car is ready, and make sure it's right at the end of the stairs.

If you have trouble here, don't get frustrated. This is the first section we had "trouble" with, where we had to replay a mission a few times. The issue here is driving and dodging at high speeds. It just takes some practice.

Now Brucie says to look up people to kill in the police computer, as a vigilante.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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