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GTA IV Walkthrough
Brucie's Car Emails

Once you get access to the internet, you start getting email messages from Brucie. He wants very specific cars stolen. Not as in "a red Blista" - but as in "the exact red Blista found at the corner of 10th street and Beethoven". You need to go after each specific car and bring it back to the lockup.

My evil boyfriend deleted the first few messages after fetching them while I slept, we'll have to go back and re-get them at some point, unless someone can email me in what those were :)

Banshee - park in Outlook

NGR900 - playground in Firefly Projects
If you can do this when cops are around, the guys protecting the bike will get into a shootout with the cops and you can escape.

PCJ600 - in an alley with 2 guys near it
Sneak up behind them from the south, kill them and grab the bike :) $858.

Intruder - driving around Freetown Ave
You have to drag the guy out of the car - and he's feisty - to get control of it. $1500.

Sanchez - near a playground
There are guards around this dirt bike. Shoot them first, drive off to lose the wanted level, and then take a relaxing ride back to the lock-up. $804.

Feltzer - he hops into it as you get close
Just chase them down (they don't race off aggressively) and grab the car - $1100

Patriot - Cerveza Heights
He's driving away as you get there, just grab him out of the vehicle and take it back home. We approached him on foot so it was easy to just grab his door. $1500

Sabre GT - South Slopes / Outlook
It's being driven around. Wait by the street until she gets near you and take it on over. We had a red one with white stripes. We pay-and-sprayed it to remove dents and it turned into an awful matte silver color. Oh well. $1500

10g - order fulfilled (after getting all of Brucie's cars)

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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